Please call 380-66-9953-775 to consider instruments for your vessel.

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Equipment Testing

Performance testing of alarm systems, navigation and radio equipment according to standard programs and in accordance with the Rules for Technical Supervision during Construction of Ships.

Ship Supply

Supply of ship machinery, automation systems and spare parts. Sale of approved type equipment: radio equipment, navigation equipment, fire-fighting and life-saving appliances.

Problem Solving

Restoration of technical means and equipment to level of technical condition, corresponding to the current Rules for the equipment of sea-going ships requirements. Re-equipment, adjustment and repair.


You will find a list of radio equipment available for order by clicking on link.


DANUBE-MARINE can do more than just replace or install equipment. We will eliminate operational problems, predict the reliability of systems. We will offer non-standard solutions, up to replacement of microcontrollers and software development.

We will mount the devices on a demonstration stand so that you can view the capabilities of the equipment. If you wish, we will conduct briefings and trainings for the crew. We will provide onshore training for most of the products.

In addition to sales and service we also support events, provide vehicle.

About us

The growing demand for maritime transportation and increased traffic creates the need for onshore support for vessels that make more than 1000 ship calls per year to seaports on Danube river.

DANUBE-MARINE strives to be a reliable participant in efficient ship supply chains and to fulfill technical service tasks. We are looking for prospects for the resumption of ship repair and production at the existing port infrastructure facilities.

We can meet boosting needs of customer through effective management of the enterprise quality system.

Our partners are distributors of marine equipment and experienced professionals. We want to develop commercial activities, expand the range of services to achieve joint results.

Pleased to sell and service these brands:

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